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Wednesday, February 27, 2013



Our stories last week were from our outreach in San Diego. I thought you might like the always, the extra comments in PINK!

For our new readers, these are compiled from our Facebook posts.
From Rob  12:06PM On our way! The outreach has begun!
From Rob  1:30PM Gassed up and ready to go! Every time I gas up the RV it reminds me to thank God for all our financial supporters! So, thank you for loving kids you don't know and providing a way for us to get to them with the love of our Savior!
From Rob 2:04pm Smooth sailing so far :) Beautiful day.
I love it when God smiles on us with good weather :)  
We arrived at Horizon School of Evangelism (HSE) about 3pm. I think it was the longest training session in the history of Plur Life Ministries! What a GREAT time with all these Jesus Freaks!  We talked and laughed (and even cried a little) all the way through the training.  Then after about a 10 minute break we went straight into worship and prayer.  These guys don't mess around! LOVE IT!

From Rob 7:05pm Our team tonight from HSE ...the feet that bring good news :)
From Rob 7:58pm We did a long training.  Awesome time of worship and prayer. NOW FOOD!!!! Nothing quite as good as Panera Broccoli and Cheddar soup in a bread bowl to prepare you for a long night! Comfort food right out the gate!
From Colleen 8:20pm We will be heading to the Sports Arena in a few minutes. God is already doing awesome things here within us. One team member put her arm full of kandi on her instagram and we think 25 ravers from the Internet have already gone to our site. So we are sharing the Gospel as we eat!! Keep up the prayers we are ramping up for a great night!!!!

From Colleen 9:26pm pray for Janelli..21st b-day today and first rave experience...please pray she is safe

From Colleen and Kelly 10:02pm ...just ran into our first very drugged very bad shape...she was hanging on me and kept saying she wanted to talk to me after I told her I am a mom...her friends wouldn't let her and they put her in a car and drove away...pray hard!
From Kelly 10:04pm...I told the drivers Kelsey needs hospital attention before they drove her away...pray they do that!!

From Colleen 10:11pm Pray for the man behind the gas station that is filming the girls walking by...he followed one to get her on film...she is only wearing star stickers on her chest
From Colleen 10:19pm Pray for Sarah and Maria...they are with a girl who appears to be overdosing

From Rob 10:26pm  it seems early to have so many things to pray about. Even in the Home Depot parking lot there is sooo much goin on.
From Colleen 10:28pm 3rd ambulance going with lights and sirens in last 1/2 hour.
From Colleen 10:51pm Pray for Lindsay...throwing up...there is so much drug use tonight...lots of ambulances...pray for Devin...the paramedics are with her are Chaz, Joe, Sarah and Maria (from our team)....I know they are praying hard
From Colleen 11:44pm Just talked to a Christian who works at this venue...he said there have already been 71 emergency medical service calls and 13 overdoses already
From Colleen 11:45pm Pray for a 30 year old woman who says she's been raving for 15 years...she just travels around the country from rave to rave...we are very concerned about how she makes the money to pay for that
From Colleen 11:46pm Pray for the dealer that offered us ecstasy...our team is sharing the Lord with him right now
From Rob 11:47pm Katie and 2 girls from HSE are going into the rave! Pray for them
goin in

From Katie 12:02am Team inside! 
team in

From Katie 12:03am Please pray for Brandi, she's been a raver for quite some time now but she realizes there is much more to life and wants to get out. Pray that God continues to speak to her heart.

From Rob 12:07am Another ambulance

From Colleen 12:21am  There are 6 plus tow trucks towing ravers' cars out of the Home Depot parking lot across the street from the venue...there will be a lot of stranded kids when the rave lets out...please pray for them...
From Katie 12:28am Kelly just saw a girl who looked really 10
From Katie 12:30am They are all in chairs...really difficult to reach them. They are in rows standing dancing

From Rob 12:33am There are at least 10 tow trucks over there goin as fast as they can!  ...and  people continue to make money off these lost kids 
From Katie 12:37am Some how we are in an area that you need a special bracelet to enter....hmmmm
From Katie 12:38am The floor is wet from spills...people are falling
From Colleen 12:44am One of our cars is having trouble...a guy who helped jump the car is going back to his tow truck with a bracelet and said he will get on his laptop to check out our website...maybe that's why God allowed us to have car trouble!! Pray for him please
From Colleen 12:56am Another ambulance..this rave has about 9500 people...this has been a very high percentage of ambulances per kids!! 
From Colleen 12:59am Praying for Arthur. 
Rave moms ROCK! (more comments about Arthur below)

From Colleen 1:18am Pray for Jeremy, from Atlanta.

From Colleen 1:29am Sooo of our new team mates here in San Diego is friends with our good friend Michelle Mcculloch...they were at the same school in Montana...Michelle is now in Uganda. Michelle was very instrumental in starting this ministry. Rob and I and Michelle's friend just got together for a photo and sent it to Michelle in Uganda...God's world is so small and so cool!!

From Katie. 1:32am  We have a guy completely passed out...
From Katie 1:34am A bunch of girls just went on stage and started flashing and taking off their clothes
From Sarah 2:02am as I was about to get into the car to escape the cold, I glanced over and saw 4 boys. 3 were dragging one that was not responsive. Dave and Robyn followed me as we all three ran to catch up. When we caught up to them, the boy who was being dragged was drooling, eyes closed, limp body, and was pale. His friends told us he was "ok" but we did not experience the same. We called the ambulance and closely followed the boys down the street. The boys were unable to carry him and laid him on the sidewalk. Soon after, the ambulance came. Thank God we spotted him.
From Joanna 2:07 Pray for Arthur...says he knows Jesus. We prayed with him and told him that the Lord loves him and has a plan for him. He started to cry when we told him that God his Father will not abandon him like his father did.

From Colleen 2:24am Pray for the kid punching a light pole with his fist
From Rob 2:34am Pray for the couple who's car was towed. They are both military and their ID was in the car. Can't get back on base without ID so they could be in a real jam.

From Katie 2:42am Mandy is safe in her room. Sweet girl from USB.

From Rob 3:26am Taking a quick break letting a couple of team members rest in RV. It's about to let out so we will be busy soon.

From Colleen 4:33am We intercepted 4 girls being followed by 5 boys...we got between them and then Rob pulled up in the ministry mobile and the girls were scared enough by the boys that they loaded up in the was kinda funny and happened so fast...the boys looked shocked and disappointed...we got the girls safely to their hotel room...thank you Lord!!

From Rob 4:48am Still giving rides to stranded kids.....

From rob 5:22am DONE!!! Yikes what a night!!!! LOVE our new friends from HSE!!!! Pray for safe travel at least 2 hours to go!! Thank you for the prayers! :D

From Rob 9:16am Heading up the hill! Yippee can't wait to see my pillow!!

There is a story behind every facebook post.  Many stories don't even get posted because it can get hectic out there, and when we are sleep deprived...well you can imagine. The stories behind the stories are painful. When my wife is editing this update, she is often crying as she relives it. It becomes a great opportunity to bring these precious kids before the Lord again. As you read these newsletters, please do the same...continue to pray for the lost and hurting young people that attend raves. There sure are a lot of them.  
Don't forget to tune in to TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) at 1:30PST!  The show is called: "Breaking Good News." We can't even remember what we happened so fast and was completely unrehearsed. We are just praying God uses it! (So glad we found out their estimated number of viewers are 70 million AFTER we did the taping!!)

To all of you who support us in so many ways...THANK YOU! It's an honor and privilege to be a part of this ministry, and to work at it together with YOU! Let's keep it up!!


Until Heaven is Crowded,


Pastor Rob


Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Dear Rob,

Sometimes I wish our ministry was boring.
We were in the parking lot of an Arco AM/PM mini mart. It was right next to the building where the rave was and we had stopped to re-group. Just then, Sarah notices way off in the distance 3 boys dragging an unconscious boy away from the venue. She quickly grabs two teammates and runs after them. They were far enough away that it took a few minutes to catch them. When they caught up to the boys, the one boy was breathing and had a pulse but was non-responsive and foaming at the mouth. The others kept saying that he was fine, and just needed to sleep it off.  The conversation didn't last long and our team called 911.   Police and paramedics arrived in just minutes, and the boy was taken to a local hospital.

We don't know his name. We have no way to follow up.  But he went to the hospital wearing a bracelet that one of you made.

So I guess someday when you're in heaven, if you get hug-tackled by a young man, you will know it was you that made the bracelet and that at some point in his life, he must have surrendered and became free.
Pray for him, please.

At one point, Colleen and Kelly were up near the building handing out kandi.  They noticed a group of girls and enough conversation happened that they knew Colleen was a "mom". One of the girls, Kelsey, who was very high, made it clear she wanted to talk to "the mom". Her friends  wanted to get her away from us, thinking we might call the police since Kelsey was in such bad shape. They said she was really okay and they were waiting for friends who were coming to take Kelsey home. Kelsey kept saying over and over, "I want to talk to HER, I want to talk to the MOM!" and she would lunge towards Colleen and fall in her arms, unable to stand on her own. The friends would then pull her away. This happened 5 or 6 times until the friends had a good enough grip on her to keep her from getting to Colleen. During the struggle she reached out, groping for a kandi bracelet and said "put it on me, put it on me!" which of course, Colleen did.  A car pulled up and Kelsey was half-carried to it.

Her friends won. There was no conversation.

May the God of Heaven and Earth, our Heavenly Dad, intervene in this precious girl's life. May she go to the website and surrender to Christ. May the other Christians in her life take the time to notice her and to love on her like we wanted to. Please Dad, find her.   We want to meet her in heaven too.

If you are a Christian mom and have any compassion for these lost and hurting kids, please sign up for one of our orientation/training classes (no commitment required) to find out more. Or, just go to and fill out an application. Join the team of "rave moms" and make a difference! 

Is this hard? You bet. But it is worth it. Just ask one of our "rave moms."
ready 2 go

There have already been close to 200 young people on since the outreach! Most of them spent some time there and went to all of our pages! Pray for them! What we are doing is working!!

We were interviewed for the television show, "Breaking Good News," and that show should air on Wednesday, February 27th at 1:30pm California time, on the TBN channel. We were told that show averages 70 million viewers. Not sure what to expect!
Wow, is my wife pretty or what?

We did our first raver baptism last Saturday. What a fun day this was! My youngest daughter, Cassie, assisted me in "dunking" Laura Beth in the ocean at Main Beach in Corona Del Mar. When we told Laura Beth, who lives about 4 hours away, it was going to be very cold in that water, she said, "I'd go to the North Pole if it meant I'd get baptized!"
We had given Laura Beth a bracelet at a rave a long time ago. She contacted us. Since then, we have had lots of conversations with her and have even gotten to spend some time with her doing fun activities. It really does feel like we've become family. And let me tell you, this is one special young lady!! Can't wait to watch how God is going to use her!
Such a cool thing happened!! We had invited some people to come to the baptism and due to illness and unforeseen circumstances, they couldn't. Laura Beth brought 3 AMAZING people with her, but we had still hoped for a nice-sized crowd. We arrived to the beach before she did, and while we waited, started talking to a young man and his friends. Turns out, there was a whole group there from Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta! They all ended up joining us for the baptism. It was awesome to introduce Laura Beth to new family when she arrived! She just couldn't believe it and neither could we! As we stood at the water's edge and joined hands and sang  "Amazing Grace" and prayed for Laura Beth, it was as if God winked at us!
He just loves us all so much and cares about little details!

A bunch of awesome people from the Horizon School of Evangelism went with us on the outreach in San Diego, and our first PLUR Life Ministry "plant" may just be the end result! How would you like it if we DOUBLED our efforts?! KEEP PRAYING, and let's see what GOD does! 
hse led

I will be speaking to 15-20 pastors at a lunch meeting down in Costa Mesa. Most of them are totally unfamiliar with our ministry. Pray that they are impacted! 

We will be hosting a table at the Justice Conference at Friends Church. It's in Yorba Linda, if anyone wants to attend the conference.

We will have a table at Calvary Chapel Refuge in Huntington Beach as part of their Missions Month; then I will be teaching one session that evening at their "Get Up and Go" missions class.

Oh my goodness, we are struggling! And it is getting harder and harder to work and keep up with the growing ministry! (especially now that the work truck needs a new motor!) If you can partner up for even 10 bucks a month we would appreciate it!
Details at    

There is real pain out there. Our youth are searching for love by the tens of thousands and taking great risks to find it. Christians have the key to real love, and it's time to share it.
Are you content to go to heaven alone? Let's keep this moving. Let's meet the needs of more youth and show them the love of God each and every time we have the opportunity! 


Until Heaven is Crowded,


Pastor Rob

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dear Rob,
As I sit at my desk with a toothache, I think to my self, "how appropriate" Who likes the dentist?  (Nothing personal Dr. Giacopuzzi) But seriously now....I don't even like getting my teeth cleaned let alone having one of those suckers pulled out of my head.

Well this email addresses a topic I'd rather not discuss. A  topic where hate mail seeds are planted, and may cause me to avoid my inbox for a few days.  Well I didn't go looking for this, but it found me. This ministry has caused me to apply the Bible when I am outside  of my comfort zone.

If God is really real, and His Word really true, then comfort will matter not and truth and peace shall reign.

Take a trip with me, if you dare, outside your comfort zone and lets see together what God does with our hearts.

"If you love only those who love you, why should you get credit for that? Even sinners love those who love them!" Jesus -  LUKE 6:32

How many times in my life have I sat in a church, or listened to preaching on the radio and boldly said, "Amen" about a Biblically accurate, but culturally  controversial statement, when there was no one there to oppose it...where it is totally safe to have and hold an opinion - because that opinion happens to be popular in that room.

It is so easy to leave feeling empowered...empowered enough to judge and condemn those around you that don't agree with you. Sin is sin you say, and right you are...but the self righteousness that wells up goes unnoticed....

Ever done that? I have.

Mockers are proud and haughty; they act with boundless arrogance. PROVERBS 21:24

Ouch. I always applied that verse to non know, those "out there somewhere," those misbehaving people that have no idea about what's right and good. I had no idea that I could fit right into that verse the moment I decided that I was better...and began to look down on other sinners whose sins were "worse" than mine.

Colleen and I are no longer in that safe environment (nor anyone on our team). Our beliefs are challenged on a regular basis. And being right, and simply winning an argument is not enough.  For example when Paul was first converted he went boldly to the synagogues and won every argument, (Acts 9:22) but not one heart.  No lives changed. After some time in the desert he returned more concerned about hearts than arguments. And without compromising truth...lives were changed.

What are the 2 most important commandments?

Loving God AND loving others.
(by Colleen Myers)
In last week's update, we shared about how the rave and the gay club let out at the same time. That led to the opportunity for our team to reach out to lots of gay men, as well as rave kids. While we see a lot of homosexuality at raves, we have never ministered to full grown men in this lifestyle.

Now, I am going to admit that adult homosexuality is one of the sins that I have sort of elevated to a more serious position than other sins. I know that's horrible and I know I am disappointing some more mature believers. I'm so sorry. I think I have done that because it's not a sin that I struggle with and therefore, I can easily cast judgement. Now, if I were to talk about the sin of selfishness or gossip, I would put that on a lower scale, as a less serious sin. Those are sins I have wrestled with, so I have much more compassion and empathy with those who struggle in those areas. I can excuse my attitude and say that the CONSEQUENCES of some sins are greater than others, but really?! The consequences of gossip and selfishness can be just as far reaching and destructive as homosexuality. In the end, it's all perverse. And thinking more highly of myself and my "pet sins" is worst of all. Bottom line: Jesus died for ALL of our sins and there is not one particular sin out there that He had to bleed extra for.

blanket guy
Well, at that outreach the other night, I got to get a bit more squared away on all of this. You see, the two men who were in the photo snuggled up together were put right in our path. God wanted to speak to them AND He wanted to speak to me.
blanket guy

The younger of the two, David, had taken way too much of something and was in and out of consciousness. When we looked at him, we noticed that he had goose bumps on his arms. We offered a blanket to his partner, Daniel, so that he could wrap him up.  The look on the man's face was of shock. He asked who we were and what we were doing out there in West Hollywood at 3AM. We explained our ministry to ravers and showed him the bracelets and told him we were Christians. He looked even more shocked. I understood this because I knew he, being the "type of person" he is, didn't expect treatment like that, from the "type of people" we are. He shared with us that he is a Christian too and that he and his mom were baptized together when he was younger. As I left the other two team members and ran to Rob in the ministry mobile to get a blanket, I felt convicted about the churning in my stomach. By the time I returned, as Daniel and I wrapped the semi-conscious man in the blanket, I told them that this is how much God loves them...and I meant it. The conversation started to flow.

Daniel said he had a question for us. I could just feel it coming. He said, "Maybe you can answer this question for me." He looked so sincerely at all three of us. We had earned his trust. "I know the Bible says that man should not lay with man, but how could God allow me to have such passion for another man if it isn't okay? I pray everyday and ask God to make me the man He wants me to be. I read the Bible. I don't understand this. "
There was so much pain in his question. The two team members looked at me and it was very clear that they really wanted me to handle this one.


How do I speak the truth, but speak it in love?How do I move this man along in his journey towards Jesus and cause growth, rather than pushing him backwards? I prayed silently and took a deep breath.  At that moment, I was absolutely filled with love for this precious man...God's love. This is what He told me to say, "You know what? I have a lot of passion for my husband, so I can understand that. At times, I have put that passion ahead of my love for God, and that's not good. We need to love God more than anyone else because of what He has done for us." Daniel said, "I like that!"  I continued,"I really don't know the answer to your question, but what I do know for sure is, we need to be in God's Word everyday and seek Him and find out what pleases Him and do it. Would you like us to pray with you about that?"
Daniel just had the biggest smile as we got around him and prayed. My precious teammates encircled these two men with their arms. It was a sweet moment. Five sinners asking God for help.
Soon afterwards, David started to throw up and we gave him some water.
It was an honor.
Daniel is on a journey. So am I, so are you. I recently heard the testimony of a stripper turned evangelist. She now does amazing things for God. Had any of us jumped in and judged her in the middle of her journey and expected her to be a finished product, her journey may have ended in flames . . . literally.  I may or may not approve of where you are now, but I believe where you are going is far more important than where you are today. 
If you are NOT a Christian, our mailing address is at the bottom of this email. That mail is picked up by a board member, and will carry more validity. Or you can simply hit "reply" and send it directly to me.  Anyone that takes the time to send me their opinion can trust I will take the time to read it. Good or bad, I will not pass judgement on you, you have a free will and are entitled to your opinion. I would sincerely like to hear it.

If you claim that you ARE a Christian, please be reminded that  you and I are both responsible to judge each other. Know that I will judge your comments primarily thru the two greatest commandments, and on scripture as a whole.  I welcome your comments and Biblical insight. Comments backed up with scripture preferred. 
You are also welcome to make it public on my Facebook. 
It seems easier to  spend time fighting politically for our rights than it is to actually love on a person who doesn't meet up to our standards. That is not to discount people involved in politics, we need to be involved. But where do YOU have more opportunity to really make a difference? I would suggest it may be in those around you.

We love because he first loved us 1 John 4:19

God loved us first, lets return the favor.

Woman at the well
Adulterous woman
Rob Myers

Enough said. 

Please go find someone to love on today. 

Until Heaven is Crowded,
Pastor Rob


OCTOBER 8, 2012

Winding down and ramping up - Simultaneously

Even though we are a couple of weeks out, I wanted to share with you the experience from our newest team member, Lydia. This wonderful young lady is dating our son Matt, and has been a tremendous blessing to our family as well as our outreach team already.
Most of you know that we shy away from younger outreach team members for various reasons. In the last few months of getting to know her, she has proven herself a mature believer, strong in the word, faithful and committed. She made it through the application process and was unanimously voted in by the board. (If you would like to join us, download the application at
Here is her story:
Just a couple of weeks ago I went along on my first rave outreach event. It was my first experience with a rave at all. I knew a few people from my high school who had been posting Facebook updates about this very rave, talking about how great it was going to be, and how excited they were for it. I anticipated a glorified college party, and I wasn’t expecting to be surprised by anything I might see that night. And truth be told, I was not shocked. But…I was sad. The very first feeling I got when looking at the venue from the outside was that it looked like a trap, a real-life “Pleasure Island”. And it made me sad that these thousands of kids were walking into it, ready to have a “good time,” without any consideration of the ways in which the event might impact them long-term. And it made me sad that they were working so hard to find something to give them temporary happiness, when it would fade so quickly.
One of the things that stood out most from the night when there were ravers crowded around me from all sides who wanted bracelets, since they heard we were giving them for free. One of the guys in the crowd recognized me; we went to the same high school. His eyes were glazed over, his words were slurred, and wasn’t himself at all. He could barely construct his sentences when he tried to ask how I had been, and got dragged away with the group he had come with. I had several classes with him a few years ago. I remembered him as smart, funny, and athletic. But he was here at the rave, still looking for something more, in a completely altered state. It broke my heart. And it brought to mind the other people from my high school who were there as well, but I hadn’t seen. One of the girls was somebody I did math homework with after school in junior high. One of the guys was in my group of friends for out high school homecoming dance. Thinking about these people who I had been friends with made me wonder about all the ravers. I wondered where they came from, and what led them to where they are at now, just wishing I could just get it through to them what amazing individuals they are, and that they are so loved by God. It was a very unique experience, and I was certainly blessed by the opportunity to be a part of the amazing work that Plur Life Ministries / is doing. I can't wait for my next opportunity.
One part of the story she left out was when our team was ministering to a rather large man, very out of it on drugs. He was a little emotionally unstable too. Since I felt there could be a potential danger to our moms, I dropped Lydia off to deal with the danger – while Matt and I stayed in the car to watch. . . That is NOT COOL you might say? Well, not to worry, she is 2nd degree black belt…even for a big guy on drugs, she’s not one to mess with! Tremendous asset for our teams J  

  • We may have FOUR more outreaches in October….will keep you posted as we figure it out!
  • If you can sign up to make some kandi, we’d be grateful!
  • Don’t forget! Kandi Fridays at Shirley’s, and Saturday night worship and prayer at the Daw’s!
  • Are you an auto mechanic,  finish carpenter or electrician? We could use some help modifying the RV!
  • We are looking for opportunities to share about our ministry and alert more Christians. Let us know if you would like us to meet with your Pastor / Youth Pastor / Women’s Ministry, etc.

Until Heaven is Crowded,
Pastor Rob

OCTOBER 6, 2012

Last Nights Outreach....

No overdoses, no rapes, no drugs, and no human trafficking!
The rave was cancelled and everyone knew it but us! The place was totally empty and dark!
Everything we could find online. . . NOTHING about it being cancelled, or moved!?!?!?!?!?!
So we prayed, worshipped, dedicated the RV and just had a great night…
God is Good!
Next outreach, as of now, Oct 27th more time to pray up, make more kandi, and get ready!
Until Heaven is Crowded,
Pastor Rob

OCTOBER 5, 2012

Outreach tonight!

Outreach Tonight! Please pray for:

  • Open Hearts
  • Safety
  • Wisdom
  • Courage
  • God’s Will!

If you are up late, check FaceBook for updates and prayer requests. I will be posting, whenever possible, throughout the night. (my FB link is below if you need it)
FYI: Tonight’s venue expects 5,000 to attend in downtown San Bernardino. Ticket prices are low - $20.  Could be a very busy night for us. We’ll have about 2,500 kandi to give out along with Bibles, Victor Marx books, blankets, and water bottles. We will have one team tonight. We plan to send 2 moms inside.
Can’t wait to watch our amazing God at work!
Until Heaven is Crowded,
Pastor Rob

OCTOBER 4, 2012

um OK one more?

Today, Colleen and I have been married 26 years!!.  I feel like the most blessed man alive. One of the things that makes me love my wife so much is her tender heart and love for the lost and hurting, so as crazy as this may seem we will be celebrating our anniversary tomorrow night at a rave! I can think of no better way to celebrate than by working as the team God made us, and doing together, what He has called us to do, together. (besides, that’s what she asked for!) Please keep us in prayer, and especially the ravers. And I will get her some flowers anyway J
 “I am second” is a great website full of amazing testimonies. While Annie’s story does not begin at a rave, the mentality certainly does. The need does. The hurting does, and the emptiness does. While some ravers are just “kids having fun” (without realizing how destructive raves are) many of the ravers are just like Annie was before she met Jesus. And far too many of the girl ravers are actually prostitutes sent in to keep the boys happy.

Let’s keep telling these young people that Jesus loves them.
Let’s try to prevent some girls from selling themselves.
Let’s instill the Peace, the Love, the Unity, and the Respect that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, gives us.
Join us if you can, in prayer, outreach, kandi, or donations
And lets watch our amazing God at work!
Until Heaven is Crowded,
Pastor Rob